1988-08-25 Great Woods, Mansfield, MA

STED: Great Woods, Mansfield, MA

INFO: Andet show i Great Woods Mansfield. Bandet starter med den langsomme version af “You’re Crazy“. Axl fortæller før “It’s So Easy” at de har et vildere publikum end aftenen før, hvilket siger en del fordi det var ogsÃ¥ et vildt publikum. Før “Mr. Brownstone” fortæller Axl at folk skal passe pÃ¥ sig selv nÃ¥r de fester. Axl tilegner “Out Ta Get Me” til en “psycho bitch” som han mødte udenfor (?) Axl laver en sjov parodi pÃ¥  Wrestlemania, da han præsenterer bandet før Slash’s guitarsolo. Axl takker publikum for at have bragt deres video (“WTTJ“) op til førstepladsen. Han tilegner “KOHD” til dem der er døde og dem der planlægger at holde sig i live.

VARIGHED: 53 min.


01. You’re Crazy
02. It’s So Easy
03. Mr. Brownstone
04. Out Ta Get Me
05. Patience
Guitar Solo
06. Welcome To The Jungle
07. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
08. Sweet Child O’ Mine


Endnu en stereooptagelse med lidt dårlig lyd, men optaget rimelig tæt på scenen.  Axls stemme giver ham stadig problemer undervejs.

Herunder er en lille bonus fundet pÃ¥ youtube – Aerosmith’s sæt her:

Lyt til Aerosmith’s show her (Soundboard):

01 – Rats In The Cellar (6:00)
02 – Same Old Song And Dance (5:39)
03 – Heart’s Done Time (4:16)
04 – Rag Doll (4:20)
05 – Hangman Jury (6:23)
06 – Permanent Vacation (5:26)
07 – Angel (5:32)
08 – Back In The Saddle (4:31)
09 – Brad Whitford Solo (3:20)
10 – Last Child (3:24)
11 – Lord Of The Thighs (6:37)
12 – Joe Perry Solo (2:31)
13 – Draw The Line (5:59)
14 – Joey Kramer Solo (9:52)
15 – Walkin The Dog (3:38)
16 – Dream On (5:58)
17 – Walk This Way (4:20)

1988-08-24 Great Woods, Mansfield, MA

STED: Great Woods Mansfield, MA

INFO: Axl fortæller publikum ved det første show af tre i Great Woods Mansfield, MA, at de lige er vendt tilbage fra England og har opholdt sig i Boston de sidste tre dage. Axl præsenterer Steven med ordene: “The biggest pot-head I’ve ever seen!” Bandet spiller den instrumentale version af “Ain’t Goin’ Down” efter Slash’s guitarsolo.

VARIGHED: 54min.


01. It’s So Easy
02. Mr. Brownstone
03. Out To Get Me
04. Patience
05. Welcome To The Jungle
Band Introductions
Guitar Solo
Ain’t Goin’ Down jam
06. Paradise City
07. Sweet Child O’ Mine
08. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door


Ikke den bedste lydoptagelse, der skratter en del, og er optaget et godt stykke fra scenen lyder det som om. Men man kan høre hvad der siges, og spilles.

Guns N’ Roses Cover Led Zeppelin, The Who + More Live

Guns N’ Roses performed a special set last night (May 13) to warm up for their upcoming headlining gig at the Rock on the Range Festival. Along with a myriad of classics, GN’R actually busted into a cover of the Who anthem ‘The Seeker.’

Guns N’ Roses blasted through a total of 26 songs during the Bethlehem, Pa., performance, including fan favorites ‘Welcome to the Jungle,’ ‘Mr. Brownstone,’ ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine,’ ‘Paradise City’ + many others. On top of the GN’R classics, guitarist Bumblefoot, keyboardist Dizzy Reed, guitarist DJ Ashba and guitarist Richard Fortus all busted out their own spotlit solos.

We haven’t even gotten in the cover songs yet! Along with ‘The Seeker,’ Guns N’ Roses performed Wings’ anthem ‘Live and Let Die,’ the New York Dolls’ ‘Chatterbox,’ a jam of Led Zeppelin‘s ‘Babe I’m Gonna Leave You’ and the GN’R staple ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door,’ which was originally recorded by Bob Dylan.

Following Rock on the Range, Guns N’ Roses’ latest Las Vegas residency, ‘No Trickery! An Evening of Destruction,’ will launch on May 21 and close on June 7. The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino will host the 2014 Guns N’ Roses Vegas residency. Tickets are available now, so click here to pick some up for yourself!

Check out footage of Guns N’ Roses’ Bethlehem, Pa. show in the clips above and below.

Thanks to Loudwire reader Jim P. for the heads-up.

via Guns N’ Roses Cover Led Zeppelin, The Who + More Live.

Guns N’ Roses Lead Guitarist DJ Ashba Chats With PCM! | PCM World News

Of course we had to ask how Axl was doing to which DJ told us Axl is in great spirits and very much looking forward to both the band’s upcoming residency at The Joint at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, as well as, Rock On The Range. We were also curious about any upcoming new music on the way from GNR  and DJ revealed “When I joined the band five years ago they had three albums worth of material recorded. There is a ton of stuff that nobody has heard that is really, really good. Of course I am a songwriter, producer and so are a lot of the other guys, so everyone has their pile of songs. It is to the point where we don’t have a lack of material, we have an abundance and we have to really sit down and sift through it and make the best sense of it all.”

via Guns N’ Roses Lead Guitarist DJ Ashba Chats With PCM! | PCM World News.

Guns n Roses Guitarist DJ Ashba Interviewed « Soundcrave Magazine

Is it tough playing the same venue every night?

No, it’s actually fun! Especially Vegas! It is the perfect city for GNR – we like to play long shows. It’s a city that never sleeps – We like to Sin! – a lot, LOL! The after party’s are awesome. We’re all staying in these hotels that are just massive. Some of the fans work their way in – It’s cool you get to run into fans in the hotel a lot. It’s cool meeting these people who allow you to do the things you do for a living.

via Guns n Roses Guitarist DJ Ashba Interviewed « Soundcrave Magazine.

Guns N’ Roses Keyboardist Dizzy Reed Interviewed By Sight Of Sound (Audio) – Blabbermouth.net

Sight Of Sound recently conducted an interview with GUNS N’ ROSES keyboardist Dizzy Reed. You can now listen to the chat in the YouTube clip below.

Asked what was the most difficult thing about jumping into a band like GUNS N’ ROSES that was already so enormously popular, Dizzy told GlideMagazine.com: “The most difficult thing was just trying to gain acceptance. First, by the band, because Axl [Rose, vocals] really wanted me in the band and he said that was the way it was going to be. You know, we had been talking about it for a few years before that, before they became big, actually, and I think the other guys weren’t really as keen on the idea of having a sixth guy in the band. When I joined, it was still all five original guys. But I think over time they started to realize that I could contribute to the music and I wasn’t that bad of a guy to be around. [Laughs] And they realized I wasn’t going anywhere, basically, and so slowly I started gaining acceptance by them. But then it took a long time for a lot of the fans to really accept the fact that I was in the band. Quite a few years, actually. But now it’s been twenty-three years and I’m still in the band.”

Regarding whether he regretted the fact that he didn’t go to GUNS N’ ROSES’ Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony, Dizzy said: “No, I don’t regret it. You know, myself and Axl and Izzy [Stradlin, guitar], we made a decision. There’s still some things I don’t understand about it. There was opposition regarding a performance and having the current lineup perform, which to me was just ridiculous because Tommy Stinson has been in the band for, like, sixteen years. And Richard Fortus has been in the band for twelve years. Basically, most of those guys have been a member of GUNS N’ ROSES longer than the guys who were there. So that didn’t make any sense to me. I didn’t understand who was behind that or why that had to be like that. But I want to say this: Being accepted into the Hall Of Fame and being told I was going to be accepted into the Hall Of Fame, I’m very honored to have my name mentioned along with all the other artists that are in the Hall Of Fame and I don’t take that for granted. And personally, I don’t think I’m worthy. But it was an honor to be told that. But then again, the lineup issues and that we could each only bring one guest. If there are any other guests, I’d have to pay full price for tickets and it’s not cheap. So it was like, well, I can take my mom but not my dad. I could take my wife but not my son. I could take one of my kids. I could take my brother but not my best friend. I don’t know, I’m scratching my head: Where does that money go? [Laughs] Does Rod Stewart or Meat Loaf have that problem? So yeah, there were just some things that I didn’t quite understand that couldn’t be answered, so I had good reason to do what I did. It is what it is and I don’t regret it.”

Asked what his strongest memories are of the time when GUNS N’ ROSES released “Use Your Illusion I” and “Use Your Illusion II” simultaneously in 1991 and they became the biggest rock band on the planet, Reed told The Maitland Mercury: “It was definitely a pinch-myself-every-once-in-a-while situation to see if I was dreaming. But it I had known them before they even got signed and Axl [Rose, GUNS N’ ROSES lead singer] had talked about having me in the band from very early on and then to watch them become so gigantic, I was always wondering if it was really going to happen. But he’s a man of his word and when they were ready to start tracking those songs and those albums he called me and I got a phone call a couple of days later from Del James who was putting together the press release and said, ‘Congratulations, you’re in GUNS N’ ROSES.’ When I joined the band, they were chartering this jet that we used to fly around on everywhere for those three years. So I toured with a major band for three years and one day I was sitting around with some of the guys in the crew and they were all telling bus stories — stories about things that happened on the [tour] bus. It got to me and they said, ‘C’mon, Dizzy, what are some of your bus stories?’ and I said, ‘I’ve never been on a bus.’ But, you know what? I’ve been on a shitload of buses since then. I prefer it these days — I like being on the bus and rolling down the highway.”

via Guns N’ Roses Keyboardist Dizzy Reed Interviewed By Sight Of Sound (Audio) – Blabbermouth.net.

1988-08-20 Castle Donington Park, Donington, England

STED: Castle Donington Park, Donington, England (MONSTERS OF ROCK)

INFO: Berygtet Monsters Of Rock Festival hvor 2 fans ud af de 90.000 fremmødte dør midt under GnR’s sæt. Helloween starter festen kl. 1 om eftermiddagen. En time senere gik GnR pÃ¥. Flere klip til ‘Paradise City‘ videoen blev optaget ved dette show. Adskillige gange undervejs i sættet, beder bandet publikum om at træde et skridt tilbage fordi de rykker for tæt pÃ¥ scenen, sÃ¥ publikum bliver mast oppe foran scenen. Axl’s citat efter ‘Mr. Brownstone‘ er hjemsøgende: “Don’t try to kill each other ‘cuz we’d like to see you here again.” Under Megadeth’s sæt, kommer Axl & Lars Ulrich pÃ¥ scenen og synger ‘Anarchy In The UK’. Se 18 minutter fra showet nedenfor.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Ja/Ja (A+) (“Soundboard”)
VARIGHED: 49min.


01. It’s So Easy
02. Mr. Brownstone
03. You’re Crazy
04. Paradise City
Blues Jam
06. Welcome To The Jungle
07. Patience
08. Sweet Child O’ Mine
09. Anarchy In The UK [Axl & Lars Ulrich w/ Megadeth]

Band_007 guns1010guns_n_roses_17


Denne audiobootleg er meget lytterværdig – 49 minutter, hvor man hører bandet bede publikum om flere gange at træde tilbage, da de kan se noget er helt galt. Videooptagelsen viser desværre kun 18 minutter og er fokuseret pÃ¥ scenen.

Eb pige ved navn Jen, der ejer den blog der linkes til nedenunder, skrev 2 artikler, som er opfølgere til tragedien denne dag, som du kan læse herunder:

Donington part 1: Media Response
Donington part 2: Paradise City and Band response

– Alison Joy, Kerrang! Magazine, 1988

BULLSHIT! That’s what it was, all this ballyhoo about ‘great sound for every band.’ Compete an’ utter twaddle, never better demonstrated than during Guns N’ Roses set – the band tipped by many to steal the show.

No such luck I’m afraid, cos the Guns, through no fault of their own found themselves to be the hosts of a very unfortunate party.

‘It’s So Easy’ cranked open the set, nothing more than polite applause from an audience with spirits already dampened by the traditional Donington downpour. Through a temporary dry respite, things didn’t look too promisin’. The sound was little short of embarrassingly abysmal, first pouring out of the left hand bank of speakers, then the right, and next a few luxurious, golden seconds of stereo. Vocalist W. Axl Rose had yet to hit his formidable stride (an’ let’s face it, when it comes to struttin’ funky giblets, our Axl’s are in line with the best of the land) and, understandably, the band had also yet to hit their bummed-out best.

‘Mr. Brownstone’ sees Axl’s return to form, white booted feet flying, mike stand held horizontally, body swaying from side to side and waist-tied scarf flapping crazily in the cold, gusty wind. Bassist Duff McKagan an’ drummer Steven Adler get a chance to shine here, together providing a bountiful bottom end that anyone would be pleased to own (ahem!).

Just as things started to get on an even keel (sound excepted) with a slightly slower than ‘Appetite…’ speed ‘You’re Crazy’ (featuring guitarist Slash headbanging away like a raving rubberneck), the day dealt its cruel and deadly blow. The huge video screen on the left hand side of the stage collapsed, taking a portion of the scaffolding with it. Naturally, complete panic ensued, the front of the crowd trying to push back and escape, the back of the crowd pushing forward, unaware of the extent of catasrophe. The result: a huge, confused, frightened, out of control crush, providing only more personal injury.

What’s a band to do? Play on like hardened pros or compromise the set to try and reinstate order? Fortunately Axl had no qualms in taking time out to demand the audience should step back, enabling those hurt to be rescued. Still the madness continues, so the GN’R show is put on hold while the band curse at the selfish morons pushing and shoving around, not half a brain cell to split between them.

After what seemd like an eternity, the band burst into ‘Paradise City,’ a madcap marathon which roused the first signs of genuine Gunning enthusiasm thus far. Sadly it was not to last. Still people were being plucked unconscious from the audience, an’ Axl’s starting to get a bit miffed, screaming at the kids to move back. “Look,” he yells, “I’m takin’ time out from my playing to do this, and that’s the only fun I get all day.”

Once again the situation eases, the band launch into ‘Welcome To The Jungle,’ but regardless of how fast Duff could bob his head, the Guns’ fate was sealed: the black clouds closed in and the heavens opened.

‘Patience’ was a new song, a ballad, and its slow unfamiliarity extinguished all final hope for any kind of party atmosphere.

They want out by now: off the hell stage, outta the weather, back to normality. There are hasty thanks for putting ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ in the charts (an intro which got the biggest cheers of the set), a good (not great) run through of the usually mouth-opening classic, then they hurtle offstage, bound for the USA.

Ironically, Axl’s closing words were ‘Don’t kill yourselves.’ Sad, then, that that particular decision was taken out of human hands and intro those of fate.

I love Guns N’ Roses – passionately. Today the odds against them were so immense and unexpected that no band could have pulled through unscathed.

1988-08-17 Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD

STED: Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD


VARIGHED: 42min.


01. You’re Crazy
02. Mr. Brownstone
03. Used To Love Her
04. Move To The City
05. Patience
Guitar Solo
Blues Jam
Instrumental Jam
06. Welcome To The Jungle
07. Sweet Child O’ Mine


Meget dårlig lyd, men bandet kan lige netop høres, hvis man tweaker lyden lidt. Optageren har været langt fra scenen.

1988-08-16 Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

STED: Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

INFO: Ã…bner for Aerosmith og Deep Purple. Alle tre bands spiller for 80,000 fans. Sekvenser til ‘Paradise City‘ videoen blev optaget ved dette show. Det blev instrueret helt alene med telefon og høretelefoner af Nigel Dick. Axl fortæller publikum at der vil være en ny EP ude, med en akustisk version af ‘You’re Crazy.’ Mens Slash introducerer “Blues Jam“, rÃ¥ber Axl til sikkerheden, og kalder dem “røvhuller.” Radio annoncer for dette show kaldes “Triple Dynamite.” Lyt til hele showet nedenfor.

VARIGHED: 232min.


Guns And Roses (46min)

01. It’s So Easy
02. Mr. Brownstone
03. Paradise City
04. You’re Crazy
05. Out To Get Me
06. Blues Jam
07. Welcome To The Jungle
08. Sweet Child Of Mine
09. I Used To Love Her, But I Had To Kill Her (Runs out of tape after Axl says good night)

Deep Purple (79min)

10. Highway Star
11. Strange Kind Of Woman
12. Blues Intro – Dead Or Alive
13. Perfect Strangers
14. Hard Loving Woman
15. Child In Time
16. Lazy (tape flip cut about 2 minutes in)
17. Organ Solo
18. Knocking At Your Back Door
19. Woman from Tokyo
20. Speed King
21. Hush
22. Smoke On The Water

Aerosmith (107min)

23. Intro – Rats In The Cellar
24. Same Old Song And Dance
25. Hearts Done Time
26. Rag Doll
27. Hangman Jury
28. Permanent Vacation
29. Angel
30. Back In The Saddle
31. Guitar Solo
32. Last Child
33. Lord Of The Thighs
34. Joe Perry Solo
35. Draw The Line
36. Joey Kramer Drum Solo
37. Walking The Dog
38. Piano Intro – Dream On
39. Walk This Way
40. Sweet Emotion – Crowd (tape flip)
41. I’m Down
42. Dude Looks Like A Lady


GS slash giants stadium aug 16 88 x slash giants stadium aug 16 88


Den 15. august kørte GnR fra Detroit til New York, hvor Nigel Dick’s filmhold fulgte dem, hvor de gik pÃ¥ gaderne og handlede ind, fx i den legendariske Manny’s pÃ¥ 48th Street, og hvor de lavede lydprøve pÃ¥ Giants Stadium. En kilde siger, at det var Deep Purple der Ã¥bnede showet den dag.

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