Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Richard Fortus Says Las Vegas Residency Was ‘A Different Experience’ –

In a brand new interview with, GUNS N’ ROSES guitarist Richard Fortus was asked what the highlight was of playing in Las Vegas in 2012 during the “Appetite For Democracy” tour in celebration of twenty-five years of “Appetite For Destruction” and four years of “Chinese Democracy”.

“Well, that was the first time we did a residency in Vegas,” he said. “The last time we just finished up a month and a half ago.”

He continued: “It’s fun. It is a different experience. It is fun to get to really build a show like that. You don’t have to tear it down every night. You can do things that you would normally do every day in your set. It also gives you a chance to stretch out a bit. In case we get bored? We can change things up. Especially Axl [Rose, GUNS N’ ROSES singer], he doesn’t like anybody to be too comfortable.”

After the writer told Fortus that he likes the current version of GUNS N’ ROSES “better in a way” than the classic GN’R lineup, Fortus replied, “That is cool. I know some people do and some people don’t. But it is a really a fun band to play with.”

GUNS N’ ROSES’ “Appetite For Democracy 3D: Live From The Hard Rock Casino – Las Vegas” was filmed on November 21, 2012 during the “Appetite For Democracy” tour. The set was made available in North America on July 1 on Blu-ray, featuring the complete concert film in both 3D and 2D plus an interactive 3D photo gallery, and standard DVD featuring the 2D version of the film.

GUNS N’ ROSES lead singer Axl Rose hinted in a rare new interview with Revolver magazine that a follow-up to the 2008 album “Chinese Democracy” could be in the works. Rose explained, “We recorded a lot of things before ‘Chinese’ was out. We’ve worked more on some of those things and we’ve written a few new things. But basically, we have what I call kind of the second half of ‘Chinese’. That’s already recorded. And then we have a remix album made of the songs from ‘Chinese’. That’s been done for a while, too.”

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Duff Mckagan Says There Are No Velvet Revolver Singer Auditions Being Held –

In a brand new interview with VH1 Radio Network’s Dave Basner, VELVET REVOLVER bassist Duff McKagan was asked if the band will ever become active again, more than six years after the dismissal of the group’s original frontman Scott Weiland.

“You know, that band was so good and really started with all the right intentions and we wrote a lot of material near the end of that band,” he said. “We kind of got really free musically and so we’ve got all this material and it’s a really talented band.

“I think, you know, that’s a band, when it’s the right time to happen again, it’ll happen.

“I’m not aware that we’re auditioning [any singers] right now and I think I would be aware.”

Even Weiland seems to think VELVET REVOLVER is actively holding auditions and recently went so far to say that he’d consider going to “the cattle call.” It turns out, though, he probably wouldn’t be welcome. Here’s what Duff told VH1 Radio Network when he was asked if there will ever be a time Scott would be able to rejoin the band: “No, that played itself out. That was a chapter in life, you know, not a defining moment, just a chapter, and I wish that guy the best of luck and I hope he’s okay.”

Guitarist Slash, who is about to release his third solo album, has also been opposed to working with Weiland again.

Slash seemed to ease off just a little in a new interview with the Toronto Sun, saying, “I can see Scott coming back, but I can’t see anybody accepting him… It’s not a big deal and I don’t want to badmouth Scott or anything. The whole thing is we’re looking for another guy to replace him. It just hasn’t happened. It’s dormant, but there’s activity under the radar.”

Slash told The Pulse Of Radio a while back that he’s never felt pressure to find a new singer just for the sake of it. “Everybody asks the same question: ‘Where are you with that?'” he said. “It’s really, we’re nowhere until we can find somebody who can do that job. Very quietly I’ve had my ears to the pavement, trying to see if there’s anybody that fits that bill, and it’s got to be somebody really good, ‘cause I don’t want to rush into it out of desperation. I want to wait ‘til I get the right person.”

All the members of VELVET REVOLVER insist that the band is not dead, and the four instrumental players have periodically held quiet auditions for a new frontman.

VELVET REVOLVER released two full-length albums through RCA/Sony BMG — 2004’s “Contraband” and 2007’s “Libertad” — before dismissing Scott Weiland in April 2008.

VELVET REVOLVER reunited with Weiland for a four-song set in January 2012 at a Los Angeles tribute concert for late songwriter John O’Brien, but the band has otherwise remained inactive.

At one point it was reported that VELVET REVOLVER was going to team with STONE SOUR and SLIPKNOT vocalist Corey Taylor, but the idea was ultimately vetoed by Slash. The group and Taylor recorded demos of 10 songs together.

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